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Teaser Thursday: Feed by Mira Grant

It’s Teaser Thursday! To participate, open a book you’re currently reading to a random page and choose a couple of sentences  or a passage to share, though be careful to avoid spoilers. Don’t forget to include the author and title information so that others can follow up on your book if they like your teaser.

This week’s teaser comes from Mira Grant’s Feed, the first book in her Newsflesh trilogy. Zombies, (literal) kick-arse bloggers, campaign trails and government conspiracies — what more could you want in a book?

“I don’t buy it,” said Rick, voicing my thoughts. “It’s too cut-and-dried. Here’s a horse, the horse is healthy, now the horse is a zombie, lots of people die, isn’t that tragic? It’s what I would write if you asked me to pen a front-page human interest story that would never happen.”

“So why isn’t anyone digging deeper?” Shaun stopped in the courtyard between the four barns, looking first at Rick, then at me. “Not to be rude or anything, but Rick, you’re new on this beat, and Georgia, you’re sort of professionally paranoid. Why isn’t anyone else punching holes in this crap?”

“Because no one looks twice at an outbreak,” I said. “Remember how pissed you got when we had to do all that reading about the Rising back in sixth grade? I thought you were going to get us both expelled. You said the only way things could’ve gotten as bad as they did was if people were willing to take the first easy answer they could find and cling to it, rather than doing anything as complicated as actually thinking,” (276-277).


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