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Upcoming trends in YA

according to YALSA’s blog The Hub

I think a lot of the bloggers are spot on with their predictions. Given the popularity of The Hunger Games at the moment, it comes as no surprise that Dystopian novels are all the rage (though all dystopians all the time make for some bleak reading). I’ve noticed a number of books, like Something Like Normal and In Honor,  featuring soldiers or those who are/were close to them. Definitely a timely subject.

Speaking of time, has anyone else noticed how many time travel books are being released here lately. Given my love for Connie Willis’s novels and Doctor Who, it’s no surprise that I loved Julie Cross’s Tempest, regardless of its plot holes  (Blink  — with the Weeping Angels– is the same way and it remains my favorite Doctor Who episodes) and I’m very much looking forward to Time Between Us. Sadly, Hourglass left much to be desired (characters who – literally – have an electric connection. Please.)

Have you noticed any other trends? Things you wish would become a trend? Things you pray with every fiber of your being will not become a trend? Do share.


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