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Music News that You Should Know About

Obviously, given the title, this blog is primarily about books, but music is  a big part of my life as well. If you are a music lover, too, then you will be excited about what I have to share:

  • Communion are now offering a weekly email that will give subscribers a bunch of free goodies in their inbox each week, plus a free sampler EP that includes the likes of Daughter, Pete Roe, Three Blind Wolves, and Treetop Flyers.

Track of the Week: A free track from a Communion artist, or another artist we love
Recommended gigs in your area: We’ll tell you about great live music in your area
Communion Recommends: We recommend an amazing new artist, track, video or whatever for you to check out.

What is Communion, you ask, and why should you care what they are up too? I’m gonna educate you. Communion was founded by Ben Lovett (from a little band called Mumford & Sons) and Kev Jones (formerly of Cherbourg) in an effort to create a community of musicians and fans, and to provide a springboard for upcoming artists through their club nights, compilation records, and Bushstock festival. And, because they wanted a way to get this amazing music into the hands of fans, they said, ‘hey, why don’t we start a record label?’ So they did. Communion, you see, are all about the music, so if you are all about the music, too, then you should be all over this weekly email.

But, you say, I live in the States and they are based out of England, so obvs I can’t go to one of their club nights, or attend that festival, and I’m too poor to afford overseas shipping on one of their records. Well, I’ve got something for you: Communion’s Austin to Boston tour, which boasts a spectacular line-up (I swear to you, I had a little one-girl dance party when I saw it):

Tickets are on sale now and, let me tell you, they are dirt cheap. I’m going to the gig in Evanston with my sister and you can get a ticket for that venue for as low as twelve bucks. I went with the reserved table seats, because, honey, the prospect of standing for who knows how long through four sets after working and driving to Chicago all day does not sound like fun to me. Worth every penny to upgrade that ticket.
  • Last, but not least, if you have read any of my Books that Rock reviews, you know that Passenger (aka Mike Rosenberg) is one of my favorite artists, so you can imagine how excited I was to see that he is filming one song per week from his upcoming album, All the Little Lights, while he is on tour. Obviously, that news would be even more exciting if said tour was in the States and not in Australia, but what can you do?

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