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Summer semester is nearly here – Woohoo!

With two classes (one only half the semester), almost twenty hours of internship work, and a twenty-three hour per week library assistant position, I was anticipating have the summer from hades this year. This sentiment didn’t change when I was able to take a look at the syllabi for both of my classes: Young Adult Literature had me reading a minimum of twenty-nine books, plus written assignments and the like, and Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults had me completing about two projects per week, plus a boat-load of reading. Certainly enough to induce me to pull out all of my hair by summer’s end.

I would have gladly taken three classes in the fall, except that there were no interesting and/or applicable elective classes for me to take. But fear not, gentle readers, for my sanity, because a new class has been added to the schedule which combines two of my nerdy loves into a nice, neat package. That’s right, folks, it’s History of the Book! So long Electronic Materials, because Gutenberg is coming over to play!

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this turned out to be one of the most boring courses in the history of librarianship, but for now I can be all a-quiver with eager anticipation in my state of ignorant bliss – be still my heart!

ETA: Whoa, someone take away the exclamation point key from my computer . . .


2 comments on “Summer semester is nearly here – Woohoo!

  1. Shaun
    May 18, 2010

    “That’s right, folks, it’s History of the Book! So long Electronic Materials, because Gutenberg is coming over to play!”

    awesomely excellent quote!

    • Jenn
      May 21, 2010


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