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Kirkus-style Review for The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

Book Stats:
Title: The Well of Lost Plots
Author: Jasper Fforde
Publisher: Viking Adult
Page Numbers: 375
ISBN: 0143034359

Jasper Fforde offers something for every reader in The Well of Lost Plots, the third book in his bestselling Thursday Next series.

The former Spec-Ops Literary Detective has found sanctuary within the pages of the unpublished police procedural Caversham Heights as a part of the Character Exchange program, allowing her to lay low until the birth of her child. Of course, trouble seems to plague Thursday wherever she goes. She must battle her memory-modifying nemesis, Aornis Hades, before she forgets her eradicated husband and the father of her child, and discover who is behind the grusome deaths of numerous Jurisfiction agents. The fate of the Book World is on her shoulders . . .

Fans of mystery, fantasy and classic literature alike will be transfixed by the escapades of unflappable Thursday and the supporting cast of delightfully quirky fictional characters. Fforde’s clever mix of word play, parody and social satire will have readers laughing out loud and clamoring for more.


2 comments on “Kirkus-style Review for The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

  1. Maxine
    February 7, 2010

    I love the Thursday Next series! Lost in a Good Book is my favorite, but they all give me a good laugh every time I read them.

  2. Jenn
    February 7, 2010

    I have been on a Jasper Fforde kick here lately – thank goodness the library has most of his books. I’m with you on Lost in a Good Book — it’s probably my favorite to date.

    Have you read his latest book, Shades of Gray? I’ve heard it’s a bit darker than his Thursday Next and Nursery Crimes series, but still has his characteristic humor.

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