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Teaser Thursday (4): Calling On Dragons by Patricia Wrede

This week’s tease comes from Patricia Wrede’s Calling on Dragons, which is book three in her excellent Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Like I’ve said in a previous post, these books are parodies of the stereotypical fairytale dragons and princesses and magical creatures. I tend to laugh a lot when I read this series (Well, so far anyway. I havn’t finished it yet).

Turning, Morwen saw Mendanbar and Cimorene coming toward them. Mendanbar’s expression was equally sober. “Ready to go?” she asked as they reached the group.

“Whenever you are,” Telemain replied.

“Cimorene . . .,” said Mendanbar.

“Don’t start,” Comorene said in a gentle tone. “One of us has to go, and you can’t.’

“If Telemain and Morwen weren’t with you, I’d say let the wizards have the blasted sword,” Mendanbar muttered. “It isn’t worth the risk.”

“Telemain and Morwen?” Kazul muttered. “What am I, diced troll food?”

Cimorene kissed Mendanbar’s nose. “You’d say ‘let the wizards have the sword,’ but you wouldn’t mean it. Don’t worry, I’ll be all right,” (96).


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