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Bad Book Week

It’s only Wednesday, and yet it’s already been sort of a rough week for me as far as acquiring reading material goes.

On Monday, I had every intention of hitting up the library for their copies of Brent Crawford’s Carter Finally Gets It and The Magicians, by Lev Grossman. I even checked with the library’s online catalog a bit before I left work to be sure they still had these books checked in, which they did. I get to the library and hit up the teen section for Carter and it’s not there. I search for The Magicians in the Adult fiction section and it’s not there. It also wasn’t in the new fiction section, though there was a hole where it should have been. Feeling a bit frustrated at this point, I check the catalog and discover that both books have been checked out that day.

Tuesday I read a review for Deb Caletti’s The Secret Life of Prince Charming and I’m intrigued. Of course, my library doesn’t carry that particular title, though they do list four others by Caletti. The most appealing title, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, doesn’t have any information on its location in the library, which tells me that it’s not yet available to be checked out. I wouldn’t expect anything else at this point. Wild Roses, though, was listed as available, so I hurredly scrawled down the title and author on a scrap of paper before left home on my way to the library. I went upstairs to the teen section when I arrived and searched under Coletti for the book. It wasn’t there, though I scanned the entire shelf, in case it had been returned to the wrong place. I went downstairs to youth services to see if the book had been shelved there. Not a chance. 

I get the bright idea at that point to take out that note and realize that I have been looking for the wrong author. I go back up the stairs and discover two Caletti novels, neither of which are Wild Roses. I briefly consider going back down to youth services, but by now I have a huge stack of books in my arms and I’m feeling pretty foolish, so I decide to simply check out and leave. When I return home, I look up the book on the online catalog to see if it was still available and, wouldn’t you know, there it was in youth services. Should have sucked it up and gone . . .

As a consolation prize, I did end up with about nine randomly selected books, including The Hunger Games and a K.L. Going novel. Reviews are on the way.


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