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I couldn’t resist

I’m not gonna lie: I have been extremely lazy here lately about updating this blog. It’s not that I haven’t read any books which I could review, as I’ve read stacks of them. Nope, I’ve just been too much of a slacker to write anything about them.
So, in order to redeem myself somewhat, I am posting this spectacular video courtesyof the vlog brothers. Who are the vlog brothers, you may ask? Why, they are none other than John Green, author of books like Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska, and his brother, Hank Green. For a year, they communicated solely through video blogs, which they made available to the public through youtube (see the link in the sidebar for more details).

This particular video pokes fun at the way Twilight fangirls idolize the character Edward Cullen (see, this post does have some connection to literature). It doesn’t hurt that the lyrics are ridiculously funny (case in point: wait until you get to 2:04). And fangirls, please don’t come after me with the pitchforks . . .


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