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Books that Rock: Impossible, by Nancy Werlin


From the sting of my curse she can never be free
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Unless she unravels my riddlings three
She will be a true love of mine

Lucy Scarborough is seventeen when she is raped by her date at prom. If this wasn’t enough to deal with, Lucy soon discovers that this is all a part of a curse that has plagued the women of her family for countless generations. Now Lucy has until the birth of her firstborn to discover how to complete three seemingly impossible tasks, or else slip into madness like her mother and all her female relatives before her.
But unlike the other Scarborough women, Lucy has a life-long friend, Zach, and foster parents who support her unconditionally and will aid her in discovering how to break the curse. With their help and love, will Lucy be able to do the impossible?

Nancy Werlin’s Impossible is one of those books that you can read over and over again, even though all the mysteries have been revealed and you know the ending. Though this fantasy is set in the modern world, Nancy’s writing makes the likelyhood of a generation of women being plagued by a supernatural being seem possible. Readers will adore Lucy’s spunk and determination and will fall in love with the strong, devoted Zach right along with her.

The storyline for this book is based upon the old ballad, Scarborough Fair, originally titled The Elfin Knight. In this song, as in the book, the Elfin Knight requires a woman to complete three impossible tasks to be considered his true love. Kind of a ridiculous concept if you ask me, but whatever.
I tried my hardest to find a version of this song that I liked, but my search was fruitless. I don’t really like Simon and Garfunkel’s version, as the lyrics are quite different from the ones in Impossible, but I couldn’t find a singer of the Child ballad that I liked either. Instead, I found a guy who does the fingerpicking that Paul Simon uses in his version to the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s Girl From The North Country (Dylan’s take on Scarborough Fair). Simon Barker, I believe his name is, has a unique style and is an amazing guitarist.

Scarborough Fair/Girl From The North Country mashup

Ok, I couldn’t resist finding a song that exemplified Padraig Seeley’s (the Elfin Knight) side of the story and what better song than I Put A Spell On You (anyone remember Bette Midler singing this in Hokus Pokus way back in the day?)? I wanted the Van Morrison version, because who doesn’t need a little Van the Man in their lives, but Youtube couldn’t help me out. CCR will have to do.

I Put A Spell On You: Creedance Clearwater Revival

I wanted a song that portrayed what Lucy was feeling after she’s been raped, found out she’s pregnant, and has nine months to unravel a curse, lest she go mad. I’ve also been wanting to use a Keane song since I started this blog, because they are made of win. Bingo.

Is It Any Wonder?: Keane

I heart Zach and I heart this song. It demonstrates the unconditional love he has for Lucy, that he will ‘be there for [her] through it all.’ He is her rock and this song describes this completely.

Guardian Angel: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Sorry for the cheesy Twilight bits in the video. Apparently, the powers that be don’t allow the official video to be embeded. Don’t shoot the messenger.


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